Your portal to global capital markets.

Real-world assets, curated on-chain. Buy them, borrow against them, and lend USDC to others.

Real-world assets, in token form

Invest in a range of public and private markets with tangible value, including treasury bills, bonds, asset-backed securities, private credit, and more.

One account for all offers

Verify your identity for 1 account, not 20. We work with trusted providers to aggregate the best offerings in a single place.

Own your investment strategy

Lend USDC or invest in offerings, and earn interest until they mature. To maximize your return, borrow USDC then reinvest it.

The world's capital markets. Aggregated on-chain.

The market for real-world assets gets more fragmented by the day. To spread your portfolio across 20+ investments, you need 20 apps — and 20 verified accounts. And to do more than just hold your investments, you typically need to sign up for even more services.

HiYield is the solution. A single account gives you access to a growing list of tokenized assets, which are pre-vetted to save you time. You can lend USDC, buy on-chain financial products, and borrow against your investments. As HiYield builds the foundation of on-chain capital markets, more functionality will become available.

How it works.

Lend USDC.

Choose a market from the Lend page, then lend USDC to it.

You can withdraw your funds whenever there's liquidity available. If the market has a maturity date, you'll stop earning interest and can withdraw all funds after this time.


Invest in an offering.

Choose an offering from the Home page, then invest USDC into it.

You can redeem your investment when the offering has matured. For a time-flexible investment, check out the ongoing offerings.

Leverage your investment.

Borrow USDC against your investment, or reinvest up to 9 times.

Interest will accrue while your loan is open, and you can reduce it at any time. Your position will unwind when the market matures.

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Create an account, connect a wallet, then lend USDC
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