Your portal to global capital markets.

Enabling access to traditional capital markets for Web3 natives.

Full access to traditional capital markets

Invest in a range of public and private markets including treasury bills, corporate bonds, asset-backed securities, equities, private credit, and more.

Flexible Infrastructure

HiYield offers flexible onchain and offchain infrastructure to meet your needs. Our smart contracts support any desired logic, and we maintain legal, banking, custodial and broker-dealer relationships in the U.S. so you don't have to.

Diversify your risk

HiYield assets offer robust protection against exploits due to their negligible value to potential attackers. By strategically allocating a portion of holdings to HiYield assets, DeFi protocols and similar applications can safeguard against potential exploits.

How it works.


1.Onboard to HiYield

Register an account with HiYield, pass our simple KYC/AML verification check and whitelist a wallet address.

2.Deposit USDC into a pool

Browse the selection of investment pools that HiYield has to offer and deposit your USDC into whatever pool(s) meet your specific return profile.

3.USDC is offboarded

The HiYield team borrows USDC from each respective investment pool and works with our offboarding partner to turn the USDC into USD.

4.Assets are purchased

Using the offboarded USD, HiYield then works with our broker-dealer partner to purchase the necessary assets based on each respective pool's investment mandate.

5.Assets are delivered to custodian

Once the assets are purchased, they are then transferred to our custodian partner and held in a special purpose vehicle dedicated to the particular pool.

6.Assets are tokenized

Finally, after the assets are safely stored through our qualified custodian partner they are then tokenized on the respective blockchain and the receipt tokens are transferred to the user.

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